Saturday, April 11, 2009

Here they are. The sculptures that represent my blood, sweat, and toil of the last couple months. At first glance they look like something you might expect to see at a children's book store but like my balloon sculpture, they transcend their innocent child's toy appearances quickly. I've always considered my balloon sculpture to be surrealism and these new works in wood fall right in line. With their phallic and feminine attributes they communicate in much the same way my balloon works do.
I'm happy with how they turned out and looking forward to seeing them installed in the gallery. I leave at six in the morning for Vermont and I hope to have some install shots on here in a few days.
I'd like to talk more about this work but need to get some rest. More soon.

1 comment:

  1. i want one. i want one now. i want more than one. i want one to put in my house. i want one to put in my yard. i want to give one to everyone i know. i want a pocket sized one to carry with me all the time. i love them. i think they are fantastic. i can't wait to see one in person. well done, sir.