Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Ghost

On Friday morning at 5:20 am, I headed out to drop another sculpture in the subway. The sculpture took about 8 hours and over 400 balloons to make. After getting it in position it reminded me of the green ghost thing from the movie Ghostbusters, so I titled it The Ghost.
Below is the video or you can see it full screen on my YouTube Channel.

Also, if you didn't see it, CNN did an interview with me a few weeks ago while I was working on my piece for AXA Art at Art Chicago. Here is that clip that ran four times on CNN and is now on their site.

Special Thanks
to Andrew, Erika, Romy and everyone else who clicked my Donate Button last week.
You helped me make this.

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  1. Your sculptures are so compelling! It always amazes me when people come up with entirely new mediums to express themselves. How did you come up with the idea?