Monday, August 3, 2009

Back to work in NYC

Traverse City is fantastic! Everyone I met was absolutely kind and generous. I felt right at home with the Allen-Wickler family. Chris, Roger, Zoe, and Olivia. Their house is the most peaceful place I have ever stayed.
Check out their stuff online.
For making sculptures John Robert Williams handed me the key to his studio and let me use it like it was my own for the week. He and his wife Terrie were incredible hosts.
Check out John Robert Williams online
Kat, Olivia, Zoe, and Roger.

Swimming in the lake was amazing. The water was crisp. clear and super refreshing. After jumping in once I was hooked. Each time was like a spiritual awakening.

Here are some piles of sand I made to get heated before jumping in the cool water.
This week I will be fulfilling all of the prints. Yay!!
Thanks to all of you for being so patient. They're coming.
Lot's of exciting things to report about my ArtPrize campaign, as well as some potential upcoming shows that will be jaw dropping if they come through. More about that later.

Here is the link to a little video from last week-end.

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