Thursday, September 10, 2009

Grand Rapids Arrival

After months of planning I have finally arrived in Grand Rapids where I will make my bid for the ArtPrize. Luke Homitsky flew out with me so he can get video footage of every possible aspect of this project.
When we first arrived we took a cab to Fox Ford where they let me borrow a beautiful black Mustang convertible. In exchange for this fantastic transportation for a month, I have agreed to spend the weekend of Oct 1st creating sculptures at their dealership and doing a performance. I will post more info about that in the next few days.
After picking up the car, we went to Barbara Vant Hoff's house. She and her husband Bill are putting my crew and me up for the duration. The place is wonderful and she greeted us with a delicious steak dinner.
Thanks Barb, and Thanks Pete at Fox Ford.
Here are some pics. Pictured are: Me, Luke, me and Steve Samson at UICA, and the car in front of Barb's house and the UICA.

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