Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cocoon. Oklahoma City Arts Center Apr 23-May 22

I had a great time making Cocoon. Thanks to the talented artists who volunteered. Your help made it possible. A big thanks to all of the kind people who made me feel so at home. I found Oklahoma City alive and inviting which made me all warm and fuzzy inside.
Very special thanks to Romy Owens for being awesome!
And to Adam Cremona for producing the Cicada Sound.


  1. and to Chad Mount for putting on the MEGAMITE and saving the day and for taking that kick ass profile pic on my FB page.

  2. Thanks for coming to City Arts! We really enjoyed having you and hope that you will come back to see us! - Kristin Richter

  3. It was a pleasure having you (and your artwork )in OKC!

    And, I agree, Romy Owens is awesome.

  4. i am only as awesome as the company i keep. and jason, your art is amazing. thanks for making it in okc. i loved having you here.