Thursday, May 7, 2009

It is great to be home in New York City after my three weeks of travel. My last trip was to Chicago where I created a sculpture for AXA art insurance group at Art Chicago art fair. The project was commissioned by Brian Shannon at AXA and facilitated by Ryan Schulz. Pictured above.
The shaggy one in the middle is me.
Art Chicago was a fantastic weekend. I met lots of great people and hope to be putting projects together in the not so distant future with some of them.

Now that I am home I have some catching up to do with my emails and proposals but first I wanted to get some of the good stuff from Art Chicago on here.

This video shows me cutting up my sculpture that was titled Pig Tale. I got so tired of hearing about Swine Flu all week that I just couldn't resist. Oing Oing...

While creating the work, CNN came out to interview me and get some footage. It will be a segment on their show called Edge Of Discovery. I will let you know when it comes out in a few weeks. Yay!!!

Thanks for following along.

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