Monday, May 11, 2009

You Megamite!

The past week has been a time of introspection and incubation. Sometimes after big events I feel creatively bankrupt and need time to recharge before new ideas can start to be realized.
This time is different because my studio is closed. The building my studio is in remains shut down because of the stairwell collapse. Not having a studio to go to work to has me a little upside down. I have had to consider other ways of "going to work."

Among some other projects I am working on from home, I plan to begin making wearable sculptures in public places here in Manhattan. The first place will be on the sidewalk in front of the MET this coming Saturday April 16th.

The plan is to throw down a blanket and start blowing up balloons. I will spend about three or four hours making a wearable sculpture and another three or four hours performing in it. My goal is to get people to put the sculpture on, have their picture taken and hopefully, email me the photos to post here on the blog. I want everyone to get in the Megamite!

I do not intend to ask for permission so I may get shut down. If so I will try moving to Central Park for construction and once the sculpture is made I will wear it around all over the Museum Mile on 5th.
Construction should start around 8 am. With any luck the sculpture will be ready to wear by noonish.

If you are in town, please come out and get your picture taken in the Megamite! See you soon.

pictured, Brandon Wolf in the Megamite 2008

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