Saturday, March 7, 2009

The city seems filthy today. It’s warm and beautiful outside and this sudden change in temperature has caused condensation on the streets, sidewalks, and tile floors in the subway stations. After all the soot and snow melting chemicals get wet like this it makes the ground feel greasy. It’s a small price to pay for the nice weather, especially on the art fairs week-end.
I should probably be making the rounds at Pulse, Scope, and Armory show’s but I have so much work to do I’m doubtful I will go.
It’s another studio day after picking up more sand paper and white paint to primer The Creation of Adam. I’m glad the open studio thing was only happening yesterday and not today too. I’m feeling a little low on energy and don’t think I want to deal with all tourists asking me silly questions as they poke around in my studio. One guy came in yesterday and asked, “Can I ask you a stupid question?” I said, “If you must.” He didn’t ask another. I guess that was his question.
Here is a pic of some people who came in.
The drawings are concepts for a sculpture at Art Chicago that will happen the first week of May. I am still working out the color scheme but I think it will be pink or blush. I love pink.
Sometimes it can be tough to get motivated in the studio. I’m sitting here in my chair listening to Ella Fitzgerald that Chris down the hall is blasting. It’s nice. I don’t feel much like working. I’m thinking though, so that will have to count for something today.

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  1. woah, lots of work. i can't wait to see the finished product!