Monday, March 16, 2009

It's great to be back in NYC. Here is a little video I made from the clips I shot at the Birch Aquarium on Friday.
I will be in the studio the rest of this week finishing up TCoA and beginning the new piece which I posted drawings of last week. The title for it hasn't come to me yet but I can feel it getting closer.

Some of the tasks happening will be tracing down the new parts to wood, cutting the parts out of the wood with jig-saws, vectorizing the parts with the belt sander, smoothing the parts with the palm sander and by hand, priming the parts with white paint, smoothing the primer, painting the parts of TCoA and the new piece.
It may not all get done this week but I plan to finish this as well as building the boxes for them to ship in the next three weeks.
If anyone out there would like to come by the studio to pitch in, give me a shout.

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