Thursday, March 19, 2009

TCoA Goes Green

On the heels of St. Paddy's Day, The Creation of Adam started getting green.
It was great to get back in the studio after my trip to San Diego. After re-priming and smoothing all of the parts, I set up the airbrush and got busy spraying the green yesterday.
Right now it looks a little like something one might see at a children's book store but once I add the center mobile parts I expect a more ironic dichotomy between whimsical innocence and subversively sexual.

Here is my artist statement for The Black Widow, a previous wood mobile.

The Black Widow" is a continuation of my work to date that illustrates the essence of the human experience.
Our collective reality is rooted in a universal truth that manifests itself in a series of parallel concepts that can be understood by examining binary code, an endless series of 10101010101s that represent paths electrons flow through to reach electronic logic gates, which forms the foundation of all computer operations.
Perhaps everything in the universe can be broken down into a similar binary code: positive/negative, matter/antimatter, absence/presence, and male/female.
As humans, our most visceral understanding of this universal truth is evident in our pursuit of and belief in soul mates, or inseparable pairs, which has long been the inspiration of my work.
My balloon sculpture reflects the aspiration for coalescence of masculine and feminine attributes, and our undying desire for them to live as one, flawlessly intertwined. The fluid and elemental nature of the work often leads viewers to perceive sea creatures, plant life, or magnified representations of microscopic organisms.
"The Black Widow," is a mobile sculpture in wood, representing the evolution of my balloon-based work. Long, spindly limbs and womb-shaped oval rings again exemplify the imagined union of male and female attributes. However, in this case, the menacing placement of one spider-like sculpture over another and the overt reference to a species widely associated with sexual cannibalism portrays our unyielding desire to unite with a mate that completes us, regardless of the consequences.

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