Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mixing the green

Yesterday I traipsed all over town picking up paint, rigging equipment, and looking everywhere for a particular type of fishing weight. Running errands has never been one of my favorite activities and after yesterday I was so happy to be getting back to work in the studio today.

I started drawing some new parts for some small stable floor pieces while August began sanding the the primed parts of TCoA.

After a nearly inedible lunch from Court Square Diner, I started mixing the green paint that will be the final color.
My studio neighbor Jen across the hall is lending me one of her airbrushes so I had to thin and strain the paint that it wouldn't clog or clot in the airbrush.
I had hoped the parts would have been sanded by the end of today but it may take half the day tomorrow too.
I can hardly wait to get it re-assembled and sprayed with the green.

On Thursday I leave for San Diego where I will visit the New Children's Museum. They have invited me to participate in a show that will open in October and want me to see the museum before I begin working on my concept for the show. I love that.

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